About Me

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I am a wandering gypsy by blood and by nature. I am a Boudoir Photographer, a small business owner, a mother and I love my life....NOW....but rewind to 3 years ago...I have been through so many different types of mainstream careers in my life that it isn't even funny. In 2018 I was in a situation where I had a hard decision to make, help my husbands' grandmother, who was an incredibly important figure in my life with end of life care or continue working my mainstream job. I chose to quit my job and be beside her. It was a long, difficult journey but it allowed me to be beside her the morning she passed and almost every day up until that point. I had a young family, and bills to pay. So CallieFox Design was born. An online social media and website design business that allowed me to work from the Ottawa Hospital while Grandma had her treatments. Grandma told me to "live my dream and make it happen, and don't let the regrets find you at the end." This has stuck with me since then and it was through those words that I found my passions: Helping people find their confidence, teaching others how to build and maintain lucrative businesses both online and in brick and mortar and my other passion, and Boudoir Photography. Now the next step in evolution has happened and Gypsy Soul Fempreneur was born! This career choice has allowed me to be wild and free and to find things that are unique and different that will also work for others! I have worked in the Cannabis field, health and wellness, construction, e-commerce and so many other avenues it blows my mind, and with all of this I would love to help you reach your Confidence and Business Soul Goals!!!